TypeTrainer4Mac 2.9.2

Ultra simple multilingual typing tutor


  • Simple type and learn principle
  • Supports many languages and keyboard layouts


  • No special challenges or games
  • Very limited features

Not bad

If you're looking for a typing tutor for Mac that supports your language then chances are that TypeTrainer4Mac is for you.
TypeTrainer4Mac is a slightly simpler version of aTypeTrainer4Mac and is a multilingual typing tutor designed specifically for Mac OS X. Note that it will not work under Snow Leopard and you're advised to download aTypeTrainer4Mac if you're using that version of OS X.

Like its more advanced version, TypeTrainer4Mac features a huge range of keyboard layouts as well as even more obscure non-system keyboard layouts such as Dvorak, Colemak or custom layouts being built using Ukelele.
aTypeTrainer4Mac will automatically detect your keyboard language or layout type although if you've got several installed in your Mac system preferences, you can switch between them within the program itself.

TypeTrainer4Mac follows a simple format. All you have to do is type a mixed-string of random characters. There's nothing fun or imaginative about this - it's simply designed to drill into you the position of keys on the keyboard.
As a result, it is rather boring but quite effective at getting you to remember where keys are. The only measure of your progress is a typing speed indicator and you won't find the metronome ticking away as you will in aTypeTrainer4Mac.

Unlike aTypeTrainer4Mac, there isn't much you can do to spice things up either. You can't import your own text of use text displayed in your web browser.
Unless you don't have Snow Leopard, there's not much point using it over aTypeTrainer4Mac which, while not exactly sophisticated, offers you much more than TypeTrainer4Mac.

aTypeTrainer4Mac is about as simple as typing tutors come. If you really like your typing tutors no frills then it may be for you but if not, you'll get bored very quickly.

Fixed bug: version 2.9.1 didn't start under Panther Minor improvements


  • Fixed bug: version 2.9.1 didn't start under Panther Minor improvements

TypeTrainer4Mac is a multilingual typing tutor for Mac OS X . You have to type a string of random characters. You can select a character set and in this way you can control the learning process.

You can also drag and drop a text file of your choice or one prepared yourself as a rich text file. Each session provides its own protocol. You can find it on your desktop in the file "2T4Mac_report.



TypeTrainer4Mac 2.9.2

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